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Long-time Investours client Luz was married, and invited us to join her on the special day!
Luz is an inspiring woman. She started a small tamale-making business successfully, becoming known in the town of Bucerias for her culinary skills as well as her warm and giving personality. She is also a single mom to two well-behaved and lively young boys (and soon to be teenagers) Quetzal and Ramses. Finally, she has helped make the Investours Womens’ Collective a success, wowing everyone with her wide range of craft skills and endless creativity. She has left a lasting impression on Investours and all of the tourists who she has met with, and so we were beyond thrilled to hear that she was getting married–and we were invited!
I had never attended a Mexican wedding celebration and was unsure of what to expect. It was such a fun evening, and I loved learning some of the Mexican wedding traditions! Many of the customs are the same (first dance, toasts, throwing the bouquet, etc.) Here are a few of the Mexican customs from Luz’s wedding :
  1. The dollar dance: Guests pin bills on the bride or groom in exchange for a dance. The newlyweds then use the money on their honeymoon or to help them set up their new household.
  2. ‘Tirar la liga’ (Throwing the garter): The group stands around while the groom removes the bride’s garter. Later, all of the single men gather while the groom throws the garter. The man who catches it later dances with the woman who caught the bouquet.
  3. ‘Mordida’ (bite): The bride and groom take bites out of the wedding cake, while family members push their faces further in! (You can see Luz getting cleaned up in the background below).
  4. Banda: Although not unique to weddings, this popular Mexican music was a big part of Luz’s celebration. Everyone enjoyed dancing to this joyous and fast-paced music and celebrating the union of two wonderful people, Luz and Pablo!
Congratulations, Luz, we are so happy for you!


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