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The past week we’ve spent with Investours in Bucerias has been an incredible experience! From the moment we left the airport, we couldn’t stop looking out the windows and taking in the breathtaking beauty of the Puerto Vallarta area. Throughout the week, we went on a beautiful hike on mountain paths overlooking secluded beaches, explored many of the areas small towns, and learned to bargain at large markets filled with local artisans. Not only have we had the opportunity to visit a beautiful tourist destination Mexico, but we have also met a many strong, motivated entrepreneurs.
            We first met Luz and her family when we went with our hosts to learn how she makes atole, a traditional Mexican drink. She greeted us warmly and welcomed us into her home where we met her two sons. She had all the ingredients set up and ready to go. Her demonstration was thorough, describing every step she completed and ingredient she added. She also explained to us her plan for selling not only her atole, but a range of other products. Her culinary abilities are remarkable, and she is also an accomplished artist who specializes in handicrafts.
What amazed us was the enthusiasm with which she went about her business. The entire visit she emanated positivity and appeared to take joy in her work. We truly believe that the goals she has set for herself are more than attainable, especially since she has been able to use the resources provided by the microfinance group Sé Más.
A central part of our trip was learning the basics of microfinance. Before coming to Mexico, our understanding was minimal at best. Now, after speaking with the founder of Sé Más, working closely with the leaders of Investours, and meeting various recipients of the microloans supported by these two groups, we have a much better grasp of the ins and outs of micro finance. By experiencing a lot of the work these groups do hands on, we learned by doing.
We couldn’t imagine spending our Spring Break in a more rewarding or meaningful way. We look forward to continue working with Investours and are both hoping to return to the area very soon!
Katarina O’Reilly and Mckenzie Beaver

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