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This weekend, the interns went and checked out the surf scene in Sayulita. A few of us loved it so much that we decided to go on both Saturday and Sunday- but we faced the consequences! We’re sore and scarred with board burns- but it was so worth it!
Sayulita was always described to me as a happenin’ town with a laid-back, surfer vibe- that’s exactly what it was. I was also really looking forward to going there because many Mexicans in Bucerias told me it was one of their favorites. If it’s a local recommendation, it’s always a safe bet it’ll be a success. Aside from the beautiful beach with perfect waves and too-good-too-be-true surf, Sayulita was charming and colorful. It looks like an excellent place to take a short vacation or just explore- we have yet to experience it, but the word is that the town has some excellent nightlife, especially if you’re into salsa.
There are countless places to rent any kind of board right along the beach any day of the week. The going price for each one was 50 pesos per hour. On Saturday, we rented from a place called Surf and Roll, a little stand close to the gate to the beach on the north side. We’d recommend this place because they gave us rash guards to wear during out rental time. They also have a deal with the neighboring restaurant to let customers use their outdoor shower for free. Surf and Roll is closed Sundays.
With our longboards from Surf and Roll.
All the rentals places seem the same- they all have longboards (up to ten feet in length), short boards, and paddle boards. The only distinction is that some give you rash guards (“lycras” in Spanish) to wear during your rental time. This is an absolute must! Unless you want serious pain after your day of surfing, seek out a rental stand that offers them. With all the getting on and off the board, the protection of a rash guard is heavenly. Plus, you don’t have to apply sunscreen since you’re covered by a shirt.
If you’re a beginner, go with a soft top long board- more or less 9 feet in length. Soft tops are preferred for the first few times you hit the waves because they don’t cause as much pain if you happen to collide with the board during a wipe out. Long boards in general are easier to control- and so much fun, especially on the smooth, casual surf that characterizes Sayulita.
As you go closer to the point (the southern side), the surf is smoother and the waves are a bit smaller. This is where most beginners go. However, don’t presume that its only beginners- small waves are for anyone in search of casual, fun surf. Closer to the northern end and a little farther out in the ocean you can see a cluster of more experienced-looking surfers taking on some bigger waves. Our goal is to try that out next week. It’s also a bit rockier over there.
Occasionally, someone would come up and give up tips and help us out by giving us a push when a wave was coming on. This was very nice and unexpected at first, and we graciously took the advice. However, there seem to be many older swimmers in the water (mostly men) that do this to all surfers who look inexperienced. After about 4 different people try to give you all kinds of different advice about what you’re doing wrong, it can get a bit annoying. My guess is that they’re trying to get paid, so don’t fall into that trap. We just swam to a different area and were eventually left alone.
The downside to Sayulita is that it’s a bit crowded- swimmers, boogie-boarders, and surfers surround you. The key is just to remember to respect other peoples’ space. Don’t let this discourage you- people generally tend to stay out of the way.
Sayulita has some of the best surf I’ve experienced. The water is like a bath and is quite shallow even as you go far out. The waves are smooth, consistent, perfectly sized, and break just at the right moment- probably about 40 meters before the shore. You can get to the town by any bus that runs along the highway 200 and has “Sayulita” as the final destination written on its window. It costs 12 pesos from Bucerias and took about 20 minutes. This has by far been one of the best excursions and experiences during our month here in Bucerias. It does say something that we loved the town and the surf so much that, regardless of how bruised and sore we were, we eagerly returned the next day. Hopefully next time we’ll be able to check out some of the hidden beaches one of our friends in Bucerias told us about.
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