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One of the reasons I love working with Investours (a bit selfishly), is that I get the insider’s scoop on some of the hidden gems throughout the community. I am constantly learning about all of the spots with the best food, crafts, and services I would never have otherwise known about. But the benefit of having a blog is that I can share some of my favorites with everyone!

I recently went to visit Martita in Mezcales to purchase some piñatas for an event we are hosting in Puerto Vallarta in a few weeks. The theme of the event is “Celebrating the Culture of Mexico,” and what is more traditionally Mexican than piñatas?

Martita’s piñatas are some of the most beautiful I have seen–she has such a talent for selecting colors! She told me she can make anything–you name it, she’ll construct it! One of the kids down the street asked for a giant ant for his birthday party (seemed pretty gross to me!) She took me down the street to take a look during the party. It was quite the scene: twenty little kids standing around and whacking a giant, hairy ant piñata!

If anyone in Vallarta is in need of a pinata, especially if you want to make a special order, give Martita a call! It’s such a fun addition to any birthday party, barbeque or other special occasion. Here’s a link to a map of where Martita’s store is located and her number is 322-118-9368. She is on Avenida de Mexico, two blocks from the highway, with a green tin roof in front. For more detailed directions, contact me at or 322-192-7009.

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