We have big news about the the Investours Mexico program: it is now its own independent organization called Human Connections! Investours is committed to the individual communities that it serves and, over the course of the last few years, has adapted each of its programs to make sense in these completely different places. In response to this natural evolution and in an entirely peaceful, cooperative spirit, we have decided that it makes sense to separate the two programs: Human Connections in Mexico, and Investours in Tanzania. 


Human Connections will continue to grow the programming that Investours started in Mexico: tours, internship programs, and academic seminars aimed at fostering positive cross-cultural exchange. Proceeds from these tours now fund programs at the new Human Connections Community Center, which is located in downtown Bucerias. Here, we offer community members low-cost, volunteer-led classes like English for Vendors and Financial Literacy. Our organization will also offer Spanish conversation classes for residents or visitors. Additionally, Human Connections hosts new programming for university groups and consulting services for other non-profits. 


Investours will continue to thrive, too. While the Investours Mexico program will officially be closed, the Tanzania programs will grow and Investours will remain a strong, international organization.


If you’re interested in taking a Human Connections tour in Mexico, please visit the organization’s new, awesome website humanconnections.org. You can also email info@humanconnections.org or call US: 773-800-2811 or MEX: (+521) 322-191-5309. For more information about any of the programs mentioned or to share your thoughts about the transition, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you for your time and support, and we hope that you continue to travel, laugh, and care!