What is fair trade?

Fair trade is a method for the exchange of goods between buyers and sellers created to provide greater economic opportunities to farmers and artisans in developing countries. Goods can range from products such as coffee and food to clothing and jewelry.

The method was originally founded on the concepts of transparency, respect, and direct communication.


Maybe something like “Principles of Fair Trade”

  • Economic opportunities are created for sellers
  • The needs and wants of members of the local community are catered to
  • Communication with sellers are direct and respectful
  • A long-term approach for supporting the sellers are taken; necessary skills to independently continue successfully businesses are transferred
  • Being a promoter of fair trade and its principles to influence future decisions made by sellers
  • Fair wages are implemented
  • Safe and comfortable working environments are provided
  • Misuse of child labor is not supported
  • Sustainable materials are used and the environment is respected
  • Sellers’ culture is respected


(some application of principles)

through our partnership with a few local women, we have provided them with fair hourly wages via our Quetzal Collective workshops. We have increased their skill sets by transferring knowledge about jewelry techniques to them and aim to eventually train them how to organize, manage, and run the workshops so they can have complete autonomy over them, and thus greater economic opportunities in the future.

Links to organizations that do it well:

Huichol Center (?) http://thehuicholcenter.org/