In Tanzania, we conduct tours whenever we have participant(s) during the weekdays and on weekends. Our tour program covers the following aspects:

  • The tour begins with a brief introduction about our work, our history and achievements
  • Then, visits to two groups of entrepreneurs or two businesses owned by two different entrepreneurs who have applied for a small loan through our local financial institutions we partner with. During these visits, tour participants hear stories and business ideas of each business, challenges facing and a plan on how the intended loan will be used. Participants also ask questions and offer advice on how they think the business should be carried out.
  • The visits are then followed by a traditional Tanzanian lunch, prepared by a group of women previously supported by Investours.
  • After lunch we show around our tour participants to see a little bit of Dar es Salaam and Arusha, usually we take them to a nearest local market to mingle and interact with Tanzanians.
  • A discussion then follows to discuss the two businesses. Tour participants then decides about which entrepreneur of the two they visited qualifies to receive their tour fee as a loan.

Tour cost

The minimum cost of our tours is $200, which is equal to the minimum loan amount we give to our entrepreneurs. Our prices are therefore in three categories:

  • For a single participant we charge $200.
  • For two participants we charge $100 per person.
  • For a group of 3 and above, we charge $75 per person.
  • Children below 8 are not charged.
    • We offer discounts to school children and students
    • Transport is provided – we pick our participants from where they stay and bring them back after the tour!